40 years in the company

J. Häuslschmid GmbH honours Johann Wembacher. The staff of J. Häuslschmid GmbH recently celebrated Hans Wembacher's 40 years with the company.

In recognition of his enormous commitment and many years of loyalty, he received a retirement contribution and a personal surprise gift. Company founder Johann Häuslschmid thanked the jubilarian and vividly recounted with a presentation how the company developed and how Wembacher was the first apprentice to complete his training as a blacksmith and vehicle builder with him.

Since then, Wembacher acquired very extensive knowledge and put it to excellent use. In addition to the tasks of manufacturing car trailers as well as in equipment construction, he acquired many practical skills in the company's internal construction projects. Since 1981, the company has been producing spacers (wire articles for the construction industry), and Wembacher developed various designs of special machines for this purpose.

In 1986, he successfully passed the master craftsman's examination for the forging and vehicle construction trade. Wembacher continues to improve the production of spacers both quantitatively and qualitatively with his ideas in many areas. He also developed and built several prototypes for wire processing. Since 2011, he has been employed as technical manager and, together with junior business manager Hans-Joachim Häuslschmid, steers the further development of the 45-year-old company.


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