Häuslschmid celebrates 50th anniversary

Tittmoning. The Häuslschmid company can look back on 50 years of successful business. Hans Häuslschmid started very small: in 1971 he passed the examination to become a master farmer, two years later he took over the farm, which has been in the family since 1871. After the master craftsman's examination, he registered a welding shop. At that time Häuslschmid manufactured frame parts for forced stands, seedbed combinations and conveyor belts. He learned this trade himself. "It just happened that way," he recalls. He found strong support and help in his wife Johanna, whom he married in 1973. Together they set about building up the business.

Over the years, a lot of reconstruction was done, the company expanded, new buildings were erected. In 1976 Häuslschmid started manufacturing car trailers. In the same year he also opened a tyre shop, which he gave up in 1991. In July 1977, after a one-year preparatory course, Hans Häuslschmid successfully passed the master craftsman's examination in blacksmithing and vehicle construction. In the following years, the company produced all kinds of things: besides car trailers, mortar boxes, containers, barn equipment and even radiation protection gates. In 1981 Häuslschmid also received an offer to produce wire spacers for reinforcement in reinforced concrete. Production initially caused difficulties, but then the company got to grips with the problems. Increasing sales figures required a constant expansion of production. Häuslschmid produced with modern production facilities, whereby some special machines in the production lines were developed and built by the company itself.

In the beginning, they supplied customers in Germany and the directly neighbouring countries. Since 2011, Hans Häuslschmid has transferred the management to his son Hans-Joachim and the technical management to Hans Wembacher. They were able to increase production capacities and open up new markets, so that they now supply almost all of Europe. "Decades of experience, hard work and an outstanding team have made us what we are today. We look back on the past with gratitude, look forward to the future with joy and proactively take on future challenges." sums up the managing director. On the occasion of the anniversary, the website shines in new splendour. A short image film invites visitors to take a virtual tour of the company.


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