Eleven rescue organisations practice emergency

Last Friday evening, the company of J. Häuslschmid GmbH became a large-scale exercise site. The scenario was a fire in a warehouse and several missing persons.

In order to simulate an extensive fire, the warehouse was heavily smoked so that it could only be entered with breathing protection. As in an emergency, the surrounding fire brigades from Kay, Fridolfing, Kirchheim, Pietling, Tittmoning and Törring, as well as the breathing apparatus vehicle from Trostberg, the support group for local command and control (UGÖL), the stand-by service of the BRK from Fridolfing and Tittmoning and the support group for medical services were alerted.

The fire brigades were divided into sections, which had different tasks. In order to prevent the fire from spreading further, several firefighting teams took on the task of fighting the fire, while others used breathing apparatus to search for the missing people in the warehouse. After the rescue, the injured were first treated by the paramedics. The focus of this exercise was on the use of breathing apparatus, as this plays an important role in the rescue of people.

After the end of the exercise, the course of the exercise was discussed with the exercise observers from the Petting fire brigade. District Fire Inspector Günter Wambach, District Fire Chiefs Georg Fleischer and Hans Heinrich, District Fire Chief for Respiratory Protection Stefan Turner and Specialist Respiratory Protection Advisor Alexander Erber thanked the Häuslschmid company for providing the object, all exercise participants for their motivated and committed work, the Kay fire brigade for organising and hosting the exercise, as well as the town of Tittmoning for the snack.


Text: Sabine Heinrich, Photos: Thomas Mittermeier


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