Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spacers in Germany, Austria and other European Union countries. In over thirtyfive years we specialized on this product. Our know-how ensures maximum safety and quality.


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J. Häuslschmid GmbH
Mayerhofen 2
84529 Tittmoning
phone +49 8683 8970-0
telefax +49 8683 8970-50
e-mail info@haeuslschmid.com

  • Cornelia Thaler
    Office & Sales
    phone +49 8683 8970-12 (DE, EN, FR)

    Johann Wembacher
    Technical Manager
    phone +49 8683 8970-36 (DE, EN)

  • Theresa Langwieder
    Office & Sales
    phone +49 8683 8970-13 (DE, EN, IT)

    Hans-J. Häuslschmid
    Business Manager
    phone +49 8683 8970-11 (DE, EN)

Our quality principles

  • Quality determines our market success
    One of our goals is the constant high quality of our products. With the term products we also explicitly understand intangible assets, like customer relationships, purchasing and sales etc.
  • Quality is to fulfill the requirements of our customers
    When we advise our customers and with all our communication to them we try to consider their interests in all conscience. This is for all areas of transactions.
  • Quality awareness is important to all our team members
    With all colleagues we take proper support measures to create a strong quality awareness. After all quality has its source inside with a composition of personal conviction and a proper qualification.
  • Quality is doesn't happen by accident
    Quality occurs neither by chance nor naturally, but is systematically planed and developed in all areas of our company. Thereby we continously make sure to have high quality goods.
  • Continuous improvement
    The improvement of existing manufacturing technologies as well as the optimizing of data flow in sales and administration is a central component of our continuous quality improvement.

Our quality management is working according to DIN ISO 9001 and we have annual energy audits as stated in DIN ISO 50001. Our products have been certified in keeping with DIN 1045 and Eurocode 2 (EC 2) from different testing institutes since the beginning of DBV certification. On your request, we would be pleased to make the current certificate available.


1971 Johann Häuslschmid started with a welding shop. Later it was extended to toolbuilding, vehicle manufacturing and special machines.

From 1981 to 1989 our company produced the UTH continuous spacers for the company Eisen-UTH on a special machine that was designed and constructed inhouse. It was the first production of this type of spacers in Germany.

In 1990 we took over the production and distribution of the UTH-spacers.

1995: A new production facility was erected.

2005: The production of the Aaron-spacers was started. Years of experience as well as constant development and improvement in the production of spacers has lead to a continuous increase of the production volume.

2011: Hans-J. Häuslschmid became Business Manager and Johann Wembacher Technical Manager

2014: Business handover to the next generation